469. To Mrs. S. T. Coleridge MS. Lord Latymer. Hitherto unpublished. St. Clear's, Carmarthen. Sunday, Nov. 21. 1802 My dear Sara It is a bleak Country this, & the Rain has come on / tho' to day is a sunshiny Day. I have nothing to tell you therefore, except that I am this instant going to Creseelly, 17 miles from hence, to the Seat of Mr Allen, the Mrs Wedgewoods' Father / that we purpose to return hither to morrow to dinner / but for fear any accident should keep us longer, I now write these few Lines in a hurrywhich yet, I trust, will be worth postage, because they will inform you that my Health continues to improve / & if I remain tranquil, I may return to you, a new Creation. I think it not improbable that we may go from hence to Bodmin, in Cornwall I but I know nothing -- & T.W. knows as little. I shall write to Stuart immediately to send you some money -I can not ask Wedgewood -- & he has not said any thing to me / but merely borrowed from me the money, I had, saying -- that it was impossible, we could have any but joint expences. I hope to find a Letter from you on my return / all about yourself, i.e. your Health, & the dear children. Remember me most affectionately to Mr Jackson -- & Mrs Wilson -- & give my Love to Mary -- & be sure to tell her & Mrs Wilson not to let Derwent & Hartley have any Tea. Milk & water equally hot -- & they won't know the difference. A weak Ginger Tea would certainly be useful to Hartley's Bowels. God bless you, my dear Love, | & S. T. Coleridge -885-