446. To Messrs. Edwards, Templer, & Co. Address: Messrs Edwards,' Templer, and Co, | Bankers | Stratford Place London Post pay'd MS. Maurice Inman, Inc. Hitherto unpublished. Postmark: 28 July 1802. Stamped: Keswick. Greta Hall, Keswick, Cumberland Tuesday, July 20, 1802 Sirs I have this day drawn on your Bank for the sum of 50£, at six weeks' date, payable to Mr William Jackson or order -- according to permission given me by Josiah Wedgewood Esq., this 50£ making up the whole of the 150£, which I was permitted to draw on you for, in the present year -- I remain, | Gentlemen, | with great respect | Your obedient humble | Servant S. T. Coleridge. -819-