435. To Mrs. S. T. Coleridge Address: Mrs Coleridge | Greta Hall | Keswick | Cumberland MS. Lord Latymer. Pub. E. L. G. i. 191. Postmark: 19 February 1802. No/ 10 King's St, Covent Garden -Friday, Feb. 19, 1802 My dear Love I dined with Southey yesterday, & incautiously [eat] some Greens, & after that some apple Pie; & on my return to my Lodgings to Tea I was taken very ill with colic Pains & Diarrhoea; & when that went off, one of my old shivery fits came / I went to bed -- had a bad night, but about 4 o clock this morning I fell asleep, & awoke at 9 pretty well. With this exception my Health has continued upon the Mend, notwithstanding that the Weather, dank & chill & foggy, has been much against [me]. I attribute my amendment to the more tranquil State of my mind -- & to the chearfulness inspired by the thought of speedily returning to you ____________________ 1 This fragment probably belongs to the early part of 1802. After the birth of his daughter Sara ( 23 Dec. 1802) Coleridge would no longer refer to Derwent as 'that Baby'. 2 No doubt referring to Sara Hutchinson. -785- in love & peace -- I am sure, I drive away from me every thought but those of Hope & the tenderest yearnings after you -- And it is my frequent prayer, & my almost perpetual aspiration, that we may meet to part no more -- & live together as affectionate Husband & Wife ought to do. -- I hope to leave Town this day fortnight, so as to be with you on the 7th of March / the intervening time I shall be very busy / and if I write twice more, it will be as much as I shall be well able to do. -- On Sunday I shall dine with Sir William Rush, & on Monday Evening I am to have a Seat in their Box for Mrs Billington's Benefit -- on Wednesday I dine with Mr Losh. -- I shall exert all my influence to try to get George Fricker a place in the India House, or some other of the public Offices / Mary Lovell is to remain with the Southeys -- in truth, Edith is so exceedingly valetudinarian, that some one or other seems almost necessary. The great Difference of expence will be in the Travelling / & that will be very heavy. Little Subligno (alias, Underwood) fell in love lately with a fair Jewess -- & went to Mr D'Israeli, requesting his interference, & offering immediately to become a convert, & be circumcised. This is nakedly the fact, without a word of Decoration -- I like Subligno hugely. What do you say to a two years' Residence at Montpellier -under blue skies & in a rainless air? In that case, we would go to Liverpool & spend a week or 10 days with the Cromptons -- & from Liverpool to Bordeux by Sea --. But I must first work. Southey would go that way to Lisbon -- & spend some months with us --.-- I wish, you would think of something that I may bring Hartley -I have puzzled my head, & cannot think of any thing that will at once delight him, & be durable. ---- And my sweet Derwent --! My thin child & my fat Child! Remember me most kindly to Mr Jackson & Mrs Wilson -- & to Mr & Mrs Wilkinson -- I hope, you receive the papers regularly. Are you not much affected by the highly sentimental Cast of Mr Ross's Advertisements -- & his Wig-Statue of the lovely & much-lamented Queen of Scots? -- If you wish me to bring any thing from Town, write me what -& I will do it -- God bless you, | & S. T. Coleridge -786-