433. To George Bellas Greenough Address: G. B. Greenough Esq. -Transcript Professor Edith J. Morley. Hitherto unpublished. Monday morning, Jan. [25,] 1802 My dear Greenough I found last night [a] letter (the first I have received from Germany) from the Pastor, with whom I lodged & boarded at Ratzeburg. It interested me, & I think will amuse you -- 'For we have all of us one human heart.' I send you likewise Godwin's Letter, of which you, of course, take care -- & when you have read it, put it safely away till I see you. -- Do be so kind (you humour me so, that I get impudent) as to mend for me the Pens, that are ____________________ 1 See E. L. Griggs, "A Note on Wordsworth's A Character", Rev. of Eng. Studies, Jan 1958, pp. 57-63. -784- inclosed -- / -- I will mend my own head & heart as much as possible, that I may with better confidence subscribe myself, my dear Greenough, | Your affectionate | Friend, S. T. Coleridge