431. To William Godwin Address: Mr Godwin | Polygon | Somers' Town MS. Lord Abinger. Hitherto unpublished. Postmark: 22 January 1802. King's Street, Covent Garden Thursday, 21. -- [ January 1802] Dear Godwin I left town on the 26 of December; & I returned this morning at 12 o/ clock -- & found your letters on my mantle-piece. I was much affected by them / & can say with the strictest truth that I have been to you qualis ab incaepto. I thought indeed, that I had given you a sufficient proof of [it] by the confidence & openness, with which I spoke to you of my own most private concerns. -- You perhaps took offence at my not calling on you; but ill-health has surely a privilege -- if you had ever asked me & fixed a day, I should most certainly have come -- not, that I wanted an invitation in any other light than as a mere determinant ab extra -- for in London I never go any where, nor in any degree follow my free-inclination -- I am pushed / & waste my time because of all words I find it most difficult to say, No. -- I am sorry that you have suffered pain; tho' indeed there exists some consolation in the reflection, that you must be a far more privileged man, than I am, to be capable of suffering pain from such causes. -- I had never heard of your marriage 1 -- in that & in all things I wish you from the depth & warmth of my spirit all happiness & moral progression. I will call on you as soon as I possibly can; & with your permission will introduce to you one of the very best, & among the most sensible men, in the Kingdom, my friend, T. Poole. -- In the meantime if you have time let me see you -- for I am very sincerely your's S. T. Coleridge ____________________ 1 Godwin married Mrs. Clairmont on 21 Dec. 1801. -781-