430. To Daniel Stuart Address: D. Stuart Esq. | No/ 835 | Strand | London MS. British Museum. Pub. Letters from the Lake Poets, 24. Postmark: 19 January 1802. Stamped: Bridgewater. Dear Stuart I shall be with you without fail on Thursday morning at the latest -- for the first 10 days after my arrival at Stowey, I had every evening a Bowel-attack -- which layed my spirits prostrate --/ but by a severe adherence to a certain regular Diet & Regimen, I have, I hope, entirely got the better -- I am certainly exceedingly improved in health, spirits, & activity -- & as the Proof of the Pudding is in the eating, I hope, to bring some proofs of it with me. -- Be so good as to let Mr & Mrs Howel know of the Day of my Return -- I left a Check for 25£ for you with them / as I did not like to leave Town so heavily in your Debt. -- Mr T. Wedgewood, who has been with me at Poole's the whole time, informs me, that the Calcutta scheme is knocked on the head -- & with it Mackintosh's Hopes in that Quarter -- ____________________ 1 Mr. Peach was apparently a friend of Jackson's and a temporary resident of Jackson's part of Greta Hall. See Letter 476, and Dorothy Wordsworth Journals, i. 73. -780- What a pitiful Note that of Bonaparte's to the Legislature. -Damn the fellow! -- Your's sincerely, S. T. Coleridge