428. To Mrs. S. T. Coleridge MS. Lord Laiymer. Hitherto unpublished. Sunday Night. [ 17 January 1802] 1 [My] dear Sara I must put you to the expence [of an]other Letter, to say, that I shall not go to [Otter]y; but shall return to London, on Tuesday -- [prob]ably, with T. Poole. -- I am ashamed to [sen]d such a Letter to you; but I am too much in a flurry to write more. -- Davy begins his Lectures, much earlier than I expected -- & I am determined to attend the whole course. -- You will therefore write to me, directing as before -- No/ 10, King Street, Covent Garden, London. If all things happen, as I from the very depth of my soul wish them to do, I expect to be with you by the middle of March --. I am at present improved in Health, spite of the intense Frost which at last has broken up/ I hope to God, you will make you[rself] flannel Drawers, &c, as I advised -- [and] instantly, get the fluid Essence [of] Mustard -- & that you have already [begun] to take the Mustard Pills, night & morning. Do it regularly & perseveran[tly,] or it will not signify a farthing. -- I will take care of the Letters, &c -- My Love &c to Mr Jackson, & Mrs Wilson -- And O my dear Children! S. T. Coleridge