423. To Mrs. S. T. Coleridge [Addressed and franked] London November twenty . . . | Mrs. Coleridge | Kesw[ick] W. Williams Wynn MS. Victoria University Lib. Hitherto unpublished. Postmark: -- November 18<01>. [ Circa 25 November 1801] My dear Sara I remain well -- to day I remove to my Lodging, No/ 10, King Street, Covent Garden, London 1 -- but how long I shall stay there, I know not -- probably not more than 10 days: for the Letter, which you inclosed for me, was from T. Wedgewood, who asks me if it would be agreeable to me to pass 3 months with him in Cornwall -- This of course I answered in the affirmative: it is of the first importance to me to make the connection with the Wedgewoods one of Love & personal attachment, as well as of moral calculation & intellectual Hope -- which are subject to sad Caprices in this mortal Life. -- O my dear Hartleym -- my Derwent! my [children]! -- The night before last I dreamt [I saw] them so vividly, that I was quite ill in the morning -- & wept my eyes red which was good for me. -- . . .[Remainder of manuscript missing.]