422. To William Godwin Address: Mr Godwin | Polygon | Somers' Town MS. Lord Abinger. Pub. with omis. William Godwin, ii. 83. Postmark: 19 November 1801. 25, Bridge Street, Westminster 1 Thursday Morning. [ 19 November 1801] Dear Godwin I arrived here late on Sunday Evening -- & how long I shall stay, depends much upon my health. If I were to judge from my feelings of yesterday & to day, it will be a very short time indeed -- for I am miserably uncomfortable. By your Letter to Southey I understand that you are particularly anxious to see me. To day I am engaged for 2 hours in the morning with a person in the city -- after which I shall be at Lambe's -- till past 7 at least -- I had assuredly planned a walk to Somers' town; but I saw so many People on Monday and walked to & fro so much, that I have been ever since like a Fish in air, who, as you perhaps know, lies panting & dying from excess of Oxygen/ -- A great change from the society of W. & his sister for tho' we were three persons, it was but one God -- -- whereas here I have the amazed feelings of a new Polytheist, meeting Lords many, & Gods many -- some of them very Egyptian Physiognomies, dog-faced Gentry, Crocodiles, Ibises, &c -- tho' more odd fish, than rarae ayes. -- However as to the business of seeing you it is possible that you may meet me this evening -- if not, & if I am well enough, I will call on you -- & if you breakfast at 10 -- breakfast with you to morrow morning/ it will be hard indeed if I cannot afford a half-a-crown Coach-fare to annihilate the sense at least of the Space. -- I write like a Valetudinarian; but I assure you, that this morning I feel it still more -- Your's | &c | S. T. Coleridge P.S. Southey's best Comp's -- ____________________ 1 Southey's lodgings in London. -775-