421. To Robert Southey Address: R. Southey Esq. MS. Lord Latymer. Pub. E. L. G. i. 188. Novemb. 9 1801 Monday Night Dear Southey The thorn Mr Edmondson believes to be still in my leg -- the wound does not heal, -- or in the damn'd Scotch-English of the present day -- heals not. But I leave this place to morrow morning for Eusemere, Mr Clarkson's Residence, whither Mrs Coleridge & my beloved children are already gone. -- Whether I leave Eusemere Wednesday or Friday, I can not say -- Friday is the latest day ---- I wish you immediately to write a penny post letter to Stuart (No / 835, Strand, London) informing [him] of this, & that I have received his letter, & that he will be the second person, I shall call on / maning you for the first. -- Love to Edith. -- Hartley was breeched last Sunday -- & looks far better than in his petticoats. He ran to & fro in a sort of dance to the Jingle of the Load of Money, that had been put in his breeches pockets; but he did [not] roll & tumble over and over in his old joyous way -- No! it was an eager & solemn gladness, as if he felt it to be an awful aera in his Life.O bless him! bless him! bless him! If my wife loved me, and I my -774- wife, half as well as we both love our children, I should be the happiest man alive -- but this is not -- will not be! -- Your's affectionately S. T. Coleridge.