415. To Daniel Stuart Address: D. Stuart Esq. | No/ 835 | Strand | London MS. British Museum. Pub. with omis. Letters from the Lake Poets, 23. Postmark: 30 September 1801. Stamped: Keswick. [ Circa 27 September 1801] My dear Stuart I have been afraid that my widow would have had to settle my 16 guineas with you -- I have had a frightful seizure of the Cholera morbus, or bilious Colic -- but the danger is past -- & I am assured, that I shall be much improved in my general Health by the violent discharges. I write that you may not wonder at my silence -perhaps, you may not hear from me for 5 or 6 days, as I really find it more than merely expedient to lie in perfect calmness after so violent an agitation of the body & the spirits. It can be, I suppose, of no great importance when I begin with you / I think more & more seriously of coming to London. -- I am in bed. I [cannot write] any further; but believe m[e,] with great sincerity, | Your's S. T. Coleridge Of course, I received on Thursday the other half of the note. --