410. To Miss Isabella Addison and Miss Joanna Hutchinson Address: Miss Addison | Mr Hutchinson's | Gallow-Hill | Wykeham, | Malton | [Yorkshire] MS. Miss Joanna Hutchinson. Hitherto unpublished. The holograph is torn; the bracketed passages were written on the manuscript by Emma Hutchinson. Wednesday, Aug. 19. 1801 Respected Miss Is'bel, Joanna, 1 my Dear! This comes to you hoping. -- We're happy to hear By a Pigeon, that early this morn did appear At our window with two Billet-deux in it's Bill, That safe, wind and limb, you had reach'd Gallow Hill The Mare [all obedient to Isabel's will] Two such beautiful Girls in so knowing a Pha'ton (Mem. A Board nail'd behind with a name and a date on) Two such very sweet Girls in a Taxer so green, Miss Addison driving as bright as a Queen And Joanna so gay -- by the ghost of old Jehu, It was well worth a shilling, my Lasses! to see you! Why, even the Dust fell in love, I'll be bound, With you both, and for Love could not rest on the ground And Mary, for gladness & joy did not scant any When she said Tom & you, with the Horse, Mare, and A[ntony.] But this topic [I fear] I've ex[hausted 'twere better With some news and advice to enliven my letter But e]nough is as good as a feast -- and for More, Why, you know, it might surfeit -- at least, make one snore. But one thing indeed I am forc'd to declare, You are both fair as Angels, and good as you're fair, And I'll purchase a glazier's diamond, my Lasses, To scribble your names on all windows & glasses. Now for news. -- There is none. My eyes I've not cock'd on Brother George since last night: for he's gone into Stockton - And on Saturday last, as that wit told you scoffing, To Dinsdale I rode, & was boil'd in a coffin. And then I did smell -- aye, I smelt, by old Davy, Like a Pole Cat serv'd up in an addle-egg gravy. High in health I return'd; but on Sunday grew bad, And on Monday was worse, & a fever I had, ____________________ 1 Isabella Addison later married John Monkhouse; Joanna Hutchinson was Sara's younger sister. -753- On Tuesday grew better, & on Wednesday, you see, Am as gay as the Lark that sings high o'er the Lea. And next for ADVICE. -- Aye, of that I have plenty If instead of but two you were 20 times 20. There's a Lake by the fir-grove -- don't bathe there, I say; 'Tis tempting, I own; but too much in the way And it rouges, like Lamp-black -- and then it were risible To paint such fair Maids, as Joanna & Isabel. A Brunette is a pretty complexion, as such -- But black & all black -- why, 'tis somewhat too much. - The sweet Lake hath a Die, that's too deep for a Lady - So, pray, be content with what Nature has made 'e. But, secondly -- mind! -- You'll be going to Scarborough - I intreat and admonish you tho', not to harbour a Thought of electing from Dukes or from Earls A Husband to suit you -- 'twon't answer, my Girls. A Baronet? -- Why, if he's eager to wed you, You may do as you like -- I shall not forbid 'you. But as plain Meat is all that the Healthy desire, Were I you, I'd put up with a simple Esquire. Such a one now as me. (Nota bene. I'm married, And Coals to Newcastle must never be carried!!) But thirdly & lastly, for Enough, as I tell you, Is as good as a feast -- and More would but swell you. - At present, they are doctoring George's black Mare - I intreat and admonish you, do have a care (You, Miss Addison, You I now am addressing,) As you love poor Joanna, & hope for my Blessing, Do keep the Mare's Physic snug out of [her way] For Enough is as good as a Feast, as I [say,] She has taken three ounces of Salts with[out manna] But she may take too much-& then farew[ell Joanna.] My love to dear Mary -- & tell Tom to bear in Remembrance his promise to come after shearing. He might visit all way from the Thames to the Tyne And not meet a Welcome more glowing than mine. And if Mary will come, a kind kiss I will gi' her, And at Grasmere are Folks, will be happy to see her At least, they will treat her with all due civility - And Politeness is better than downright Hostility. -754- Bless my soul! What, turn over! -- Why, I've written a whole Ridge - Enough is a Feast -- so adieu from YOUR COLERIDGE P.S. Dear Girls! I had almost forgotten to say, That I think, that you both possess charms in your way.