408. To Francis Wrangham Transcript Coleridge family. Pub. E. L. G. i. 179. Gallow Hill -- Aug. 2 -- 1801 Dear Wrangham I arrived here on Friday afternoon. Such is the state of my health that I could not venture to ride over to Hunmanby, uncertain whether or no you are at home -- but I cannot satisfy myself unless in some way or other I convey to you my wish for the enduring happiness of yourself and those who are dear to you. 1 I shall remain here four or five days, or a week at the farthest: as Southey will at the conclusion of that time be (with Mrs Southey) on his road to Keswick. Have you any thoughts of visiting the Lakes this Autumn? I need not say, how happy we of Keswick & Grasmere shall be to give you the welcome in our own names & in that of Lady Nature -- Wordsworth at least can introduce you to all her best things in all her mollissima tempora -- for few men can boast, I believe, so intimate an acquaintance with her Ladyship. ----- Believe me, dear Wrangham, Your's sincerely S. T. Coleridge.