364. To the Editor of the 'Monthly Review' Pub. Monthly Review, November 1800, p. 336. Coleridge's letter was answered by the editor as follows: 'As Mr. Coleridge has thought it worth his while to transmit the above letter, we readily insert it: but we do not see that the matter to which it relates is of much importance. We used the words "partizan of the German theatre" solely with reference to the occasion on which they were written: but perhaps the expression was too comprehensive.' -647- Greta Hall, Keswick Nov. 18, 1800. Sir, In the review of my Translation of Schiller Wallenstein (Rev. for October) I am numbered among the Partizans of the German Theatre. As I am confident that there is no passage in my Preface or Notes from which such an opinion can be legitimately formed; and, as the truth would not have been exceeded, if the direct contrary had been affirmed, I claim it of your justice that in your answers to Correspondents you would remove this misrepresentation. The mere circumstance of translating a manuscript play is not even evidence that I admired that one play, much less that I am a general admirer of the plays in that language. I remain, Sir, with respect etc. S. T. Coleridge.