353. To Daniel Stuart Address: Daniel St[uart] / No Double Sheet. MS. British Museum. Pub. Letters from the Lake Poets, 11. [ 28 September 1800] 1 Dear Stuart I have written five more Essays of the same length on this subject ----- namely, two on the War as respecting Agriculture, one on the Raising of Rents in consequence of high Prices of Provisions, one on the Riots -- and one on the countenance which Government have given to the calumnies, &c of foolish people, on the King's Proclamation, and the probable Views of the Minister. ----- To morrow I shall transmit you two -- two on Tuesday, and the last on Wednesday or Thursday 2 ----- immediately after these I will send you without fail a second Part of Pitt, & Bonaparte -- better late than never. -- My wife has given me another Son -- but alas! I fear, he will not live. 3 She is now sobbing & crying by the side of me. -- Be so good as to have my Paper directed to me, Mr Coleridge, Greta Hall, | Keswick, Cumberland -- As it is, I never see them, till too late. . . . [Remainder of manuscript missing.] ____________________ 1 This letter, written on Sunday, obviously antedates Letter 354 by two or three days. 2 In addition to the essays on Monopolists and Farmers referred to in Letter 348, only one further prose contribution to the Morning Post during this period has been identified, that of 14 Oct. 1800. See Essays on His Own Times, ii. 451. 3 ' September 27, 1800. The child being very ill was baptized by the name of Derwent. The child, hour after hour, made a noise exactly like the creaking of a door which is being shut very slowly to prevent its creaking.' MS. note S. T. C. See Letters, i. 338 n. -626-