350. To William Godwin Address: Mr Godwin | Polygon | Sommers' Town | London MS. Lord Abinger. Pub. Mary Shelley. A Biography, by R. Glynn Grylla, 1938, p. 278. Postmark: 19 September 1800. Stamped: Keswick. Tuesday, September 16. [ 1800] Dear Godwin Is it in your power to remit me 10£ -- You may depend on it's being redelivered to you on the first of next month. 4 This, I am ____________________ 1 Learning that Mrs. Robinson was publishing a volume entitled Lyrical Takes, Wordsworth planned to alter his title, but it was not changed. See Early Letters, 250 and note. 2 Godwin Antonio was produced by Kemble at Drury Lane on 13 Dec. 1800, and hopelessly damned. It was published in the same year. 3 Joanna Baillie ( 1762-1851) published A Series of Plays in 1798. One of these, De Montfort, was produced in Apr. 1800 by Kemble, with himself and Mrs. Siddons in the leading roles, but despite the spiendour of the production, the play was not a success. 4 Coleridge kept his word. See Letter 854 to Stuart: 'You would oblige by inclosing to Mr Godwin, . . . lot in my name.' -621- afraid, will prove an untimely application / but the truth is, that by the first of October I shall have claim to as much money as I shall want -- & the persons, to whom I could with more propriety have addressed myself in the mean time, than to you, opposed my settling in the North so strongly, 1 that I feel a great disinclination to write to them on any pecuniary Embarrassment, which they will attribute to my journey hither -- & the consequent expences. This no doubt is the remote cause, but the immediate cause was the unexpected necessity of paying an old Cambridge Debt, which had pressed very little on my Conscience, and intruded very rarely into my memory. However, I was forced to part with eight pound at a very unseasonable time: / for, the day after, my wife presented Hartley with a little Brother. 2 She is as well as any woman in her situation, & in this climate, ever was or can be -- the child is a very large one. She was brought to bed on Sunday Night 1/2 past 10. Will you come & stand Godfather? If it be out of your power, I pray you, give yourself no concern about it -- somehow or other I shall rub thro' the ensuing fortnight -- and regard this letter only as a proof that I esteem you so much as not to be ashamed of suffering you to know any thing that befalls me --. Your's sincerely, S. T. Coleridge --