346. To Biggs and Cottle Address: Messrs Biggs and Cottle | Printers | St Augustine's Back, | Bristol Single sheet. MS. Yale University Lib. Hitherto unpublished. This note appears in the third manuscript sheet of poems for vol. ii of Lyrical Ballads. The sheet, which is entirely in Coleridge's handwriting, contains five poems, The Waterfall and the Eglantine, The Oak and the Broom, The Fly, Lucy Gray, and The Idle Shepherd. Boys, along with two notes. Coleridge prepared the sheet during Wordsworth's ____________________ 1 Manuscript cut off for signature. 2 Coleridge was at Grasmere from 31 July to 2 Aug.; Dorothy copied The Brothers on 1 Aug. Journals, i. 58. 3 See Letter 842. 4 The poems in this sheet were the conclusion of The Brothers and Strange fits of passion in Dorothy's handwriting; She dwelt among the untrodden ways and A slumber did my spirit seal in Coleridge's. -616- stay at Keswick from 2 to 6 August, and the manuscript contains a few corrections by Wordsworth. Postmark: 7 August 1800. Stamped: Keswick. Monday, August [4,] 1800 Memorandum -- This is the second letter addressed to Messrs Biggs & Cottle -- the first having been directed to Mr Davy. 1 W. Wordsworth particularly wishes, that the proof sheets may be sent to Mr Davy, with the copy -- as Mr D. has kindly undertaken to correct them.