345. To Biggs and Cottle Address: Messrs Biggs & Cottle | Printers | St Augustine's Back | Bristol. Single MS. Yale University Lib. Hitherto unpublished. This note appears in the second manuscript sheet of poems for vol. ii of Lyrical Ballads. Stamped: Kendal. [Circa 1 August 1800] 2 Memorandum. If the Printing of the second Volume have not commenced let 'The Brothers' begin the Volume 3 -- and then the Hart-leap-well, etc, as stated in a former letter. But if the Printing should have commenced, follow the old order. But if not, thus: 1. The Brothers. 2. Hart-leap-well. 8. There was a Boy, .&c. 4. Ellen Irwin. 5. 6. 7. The Poems written overleaf.4