335. To Josiah Wedgwood Address: Josiah Wedgewood Esq. | 39 | Gloucester Place | Portman Square | London MS. Wedgwood Museum. Pub. with omis. Tom Wedgwood, 93. Stamped: Bristol, 12 June 1800. Bristol Thursday June 12 1800 My dear Sir Enclosed is 20£ -- I have had it by me these 4 weeks, in the purpose of seeing you in London; but have been prevented by my own affairs & other people's. -- I had heard such very pleasing accounts of your dear Brother, accounts exaggerated at second hand by the joy of the narrators, that T. Wedgewood's own statement came on me as a disappointment. Still however Bloxam must have seen a great difference, or he could not have written as he did. God in heaven bless him!---Your letter to me, that is, the account in your letter made the tears roll down Poole's face----. I did not receive your letter till some time after it's arrival, having been down to Porlock a house hunting -- but neither there, nor any where in the vicinity of Stowey can I get a suitable House -So I shall move Northward -- but of this I shall write to you from Ambleside -- At present the Bustle of the Office, in which I am writing, dings about me like Tavern Bells. -- Old Mrs Poole is, I am afraid, dying. -- I will write this day to Stuart to prevent the paper --. -- My respectful remembrances to Mrs Wedgewood-believe me with affectionate & grateful esteem your sincere Friend S. T. Coleridge I leave Bristol to morrow -- -591-