318. To Thomas Poole Address: Mr T. Poole | N. Stowey | [Bridgewater | Somerset MS. British Museum. Pub. with omis.Thomas Poole, ii. 5. Postmark: 1 <4> February 1800. Friday Feb. 14 1800 My dearest Friend I am ashamed to address such a piece of Paper to you; but I am ____________________ 1 Charlotte Smith ( 1749-1806), poetess and novelist, was something of a literary celebrity. Coleridge had included two of her sonnets in his Sonnets from Various Authors in 1796. -571- weary of silence, & yet am so crowded with Business, that my very soul is squeezed out. -- How could you take such an absurd idea in your head, that my Affections have weakened towards you? Sometimes I have thought you rash in your Judgements of my Conduct -- but I perceived rather than felt it -- But enough of this -- my affections are what they are, & in all human probability ever will be.----I write now merely to desire you to be on the look out for a House -- I shall beyond all doubt settle at Stowey, if I can get a suitable House -- that is -- a House with a Garden, & large enough for me to have a Study out [of] the noise of Women & children -- this is absolutely necessary for me. -- I have given up the Morning Post; but the Editor is importunate against it-to night I must go with him to the House of Commons. By Hamburgh Mails received to day it is made probable that there will be a Peace on the Continent -- & a Congress for that Purpose at Prague. Ministers are the imbecil Dupes of all the other Powers of Europe. -- Sara is shockingly uncomfortable, but it will be soon over I hope. Give my kind Love to Ward -- my love to Cheister -- & write to me particulars of your dear Mother's Health --. If I can get a House, I should wish to be settled [by] Midsummer --; but if no House is to [be] got by that time, we shall take Lodgings at Minehead or Porlock. -- My health is pretty good, spite of bad hours -- On the great Debate I was in that terrible Crowd from 8 Monday Morning to 3 Tuesday Morning, & continued after that writing & correcting till 9-25 hours! -- God bless you, my dear Friend! & your most sincere & affectionate S. T. Coleridge Hartley is very well.