310. To William Godwin Address: Mr Godwin | The Polygon | Sommers' Town MS.Lord Abinger. Pub. William Godwin, ii. 1. Postmark: 8 January 1800. Wednesday Morning Jan. 8. 1800 My dear Sir Tomorrow & Friday Business rises almost above smothering point with me, over chin & mouth --! but on Saturday Evening I shall be perfectly at leisure, and shall calender an Evening spent with you on so interesting a subject among my Noctes Atticae. If this do not suit your engagements, mention any other day, and I will make it suit mine -- Your's with esteem S. T. Coleridge P.S. How many Thousand Letter-writers will in the first fortnight of this month write a 7 first, & then transmogrify it into an 8 -- in the dates of their Letters! I like to catch myself doing that which involves any identity of the human Race. Hence I like to talk of the Weather -- & in the Fall never omit observing -- How short the Days grow! How the Days shorten! &c. Yet even that would fall, a melancholy phrase indeed on the heart of a Blind Man! --