307. To Thomas Poole Pub. Thomas Poole, i. 1. December 31st, 1799 . . . I work from I-rise to I-set (that is, from 9 A.M. to 12 at night), almost without intermission. . . . I hope you receive the papers regularly. They are regularly sent, as I commonly put them in myself. . . . Being so hurried for time I should have delayed writing till to-morrow; but to-day is the last day of the year, and a sort of superstitious feeling oppressed me that the year should not end without my writing, if it were only to subscribe myself with the old words of an old affection. . . . God bless you, and him who is ever, ever yours -- who, among all his friends, has ever called and ever felt you the Friend. S. T. Coleridge.