301.To Joseph Cottle Pub. Early Rec. i. 255. To this letter Cottle added as a postscript a passage from Letter 195. Leaving Keswick on 11 November, Wordsworth and Coleridge continued their tour of the Lake Country for another week or ten days; but by 24 November Coleridge had parted from Wordsworth and was back again with the Hutchinsons at Sockburn. A notebook entry for that date records a flirtation with Sara. Hutchinson, for whom he was to harbour a hopeless passion for many years. See T. M. Raysor, Coleridge and "Asra, Studies in Philology, July 1929, p. 807. ____________________ 1 Virgil, Eclogue, ii. 55. 2 Id. Georgics, ii. 299. 3 Madoc, published 1805. 4 Thalaba the Destroyer, published 1801. -546- London, [Circa 1 December 1799] 1 Dear Cottle, If Mrs. Coleridge be in Bristol, pray desire her to write to me immediately, and I beg you, the moment you receive this letter, to send to No. 17, Newfoundland Street, to know whether she be there. I have written to Stowey, but if she be in Bristol, beg her to write me of it by return of post, that I may immediately send down some cash for her travelling expenses, &c. We shall reside in London for the next four months. God bless you, Cottle, I love you, S. T. Coleridge.