284. To Charles Parry Transcript Ingpen and Company, Booksellers. Hitherto unpublished. June 25 -- 1799 My dear Fellowl my dear Parry! We are safe at Clausthal. 1 The Coach horse near Clausthal fell down; but old Kutscher took a walk up & down, mumbling a charm, then fell to, & up rose the horse -- Greenough & I lost our way and after much hallowing in which we were mocked by some fine echoes we recovered our Party -- We were however amply repayed by the sight of a Wild Boar with an immense Cluster of Glow-worms round his Tail & Rump -- Vale, φιλτɑ + ́τη μοι κεφαλή! God bless you again & again, my dear Fellow -- & my kind Love to Frederic -- & when I have a Night Mair, I shall probably dream of him a top of me under that charming Tree where we slept so warm & comfortable, some two miles from a village called Mentfeld. God bless you S. T. Coleridge.