252. To Thomas Poole Address: Mr T. Poole | Stowey near | Bridgewater MS. British Museum. Pub. E.L.G. i. 106. Stamped: Bristol. August 3rd 1798 My dearest Poole I arrived safely, &c. -- With regard to Germany, these are my intentions, if not contravened by superior arguments. -- I still think the realization of the scheme of high importance to my intellectual utility; and of course to my moral happiness. But if I go with Mrs C. & little ones, I must borrow -- an imprudent, perhaps an immoral thing --: and the uncertainties attendant on all human schemes; the uncertainty of our happiness, comfort, cheap living &c when in Germany; and the unsettled state of Germany itself; force on me the truth that I ought not to hazard any considerable sum. -- I propose therefore, if, as I guess, Mrs Coleridge's wishes tend the same way, to go myself (comparatively a trifling expence) stay 8 or 4 months, in which time I shall at least have learnt the language / then, if all is well, all comfortable, and I can rationally propose to myself a scheme of weighty advantages -- to fetch over my family -- if not to return, with my German for my pains; & the wisdom that 8 or 4 months sojourn among a new people must give to a watchful & thinking man. -- Make up your mind on my scheme -- I shall return in a week. -- All, whom I have seen, are well. Wordsworth & his Sister, Wade & Cottle, desire their best love to you -- / I shall dart into Wales, and return per viam Swansea usque ad Bridgwater sive Cummage -- absent a week from date hereof. 1 -- God bless you & your ever affectionate & grateful, S. T. Coleridge ____________________ 1 Coleridge did, in fact, 'dart into Wales' in the company of the Wordsworths, Dorothy later noting that ' Mr Coleridge proposed it to us one evening and we departed the next morning at six o'clock' ( Early Letters, 201). While in Wales they paid a visit to Thelwall at Liyswen ( Later Years, ii. 959). -414- Wordsworth has not forgotten his promise about his Tragedy. I have been very anxious about poor Cruckshanks -- doubtful, very doubtful about the bottom of his affairs! -- May his better Genius protect him! --