249. To Thomas Poole Address: Mr T. Poole MS. British Museum. Pub. Letters, i. 249. Sunday Morning [ 20 May 1798] My dearest Poole I was all day yesterday in a distressing perplexity whether or no it would be wise or consolatory for me to call at your house -- or whether I should write to your mother, as a christian Friend -- -or whether it would not be better to wait for the exhaustion of that grief, which must have it's way. -So many unpleasant & shocking circumstances have happened to me or to my immediate knowlege within the last fortnight, that I am in a nervous state & the most trifling thing makes me weep -- / Poor Richard! May Providence heal the wounds which it hath seen good to inflict! Do you wish me to see you to day? Shall I call on you? shall I stay with you? -- or had I better leave you uninterrupted? -- In all your Sorrows as in your joys, I am, indeed, my dearest Poole, a true & faithful Sharer! -May God bless & comfort you all! -- S. T. Coleridge