236. To the Editor of the 'Morning Post' Pub. Morning Post, 10 March 1798. [Early March 1798] Sir, I am not absolutely certain that the following Poem 2 was written by EDMUND SPENSER, and found by an angler buried in a 'fishing-box -'Under the foot of Mole, that mountain hoar, Mid the green alders, by the Mulla's shore.' 3 But a learned Antiquarian of my acquaintance has given it as his opinion, that it resembles SPENSER'S minor Poems as nearly as Vortigern and Rowena 4 the Tragedies of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. -- ____________________ 1 Wordsworth's long projected but never completed Recluse. See Early Letters, 188, 190. 2 The Raven, Poems, i. 169. 3 See p. 769, footnote 1. 4 W. H. Ireland pseudo -- Shakespearian play. -391- The Poem must be read in recitative, in the same manner as the Aegloga Secunda of the Shepherd's Calendar. Cuddy.