227. To Thomas Wedgwood MS. Wedgwood Museum. Pub. Tom Wedgwood, 58. Shrewsbury Friday Night -- twelve o'clock [ 26 January 1798] My dear Sir -- I have this moment received your letter-and have scarcely more than a moment to answer it by return of post. If kindly feelings can be repaid by kindly feelings, I am not your debtor -- / -- I would wish to express the something that is big at my heart, but I know not how to do it without indelicacy. As much abstracted from personal feelings, as is possible, I honor & esteem you for that which you have done -- I must, of necessity, stay here till the close of Sunday next -- On Monday Morning I shall leave it & on Tuesday will be with you at Cote House -- Very affectionately your's S. T. Coleridge