220. To John Prior Estlin Address: Revd J. P. Estlin | St Michaels Hill | Bristol by favor of Mr Kell. MS. Cornll University Lib. Pub. Letters to Estlin, 45. Sunday Night [ 14 January 1798] My very dear Friend After a fatiguing Journey I arrived here on Saturday night -- I left Worcester 6 o'clock, Saturday Morning -- and we did not reach -369- Shrewsbury till Saturday night, 8 o'clock. I preached, of course, morning & afternoon -- like Mr Row much -- he is a sensible, christian-hearted man -- & I am very well. -- What more can I write? -- If you were to pay the post, it would go against my conscience to leave so much space unfilled, & give you so little for your money -- but as it will cost you nothing, why should I stand wringing my dish clout of a brain in order to squeeze out a few dirty drops not worth the having -- Give my kind love to Mrs Estlin & believe me with fraternal & filial esteem & affection Your S. T. Coleridge