202. To John Thelwall Address: Mr Thelwall to be left at the Post Office | Swansea | Glamorganshire MS. Pierpont Morgan Lib. Pub. Letters, i. 231. Stamped: Bridgewater. Saturday Evening [ 19 August 1797]. 2 Bridgewater My dear Thelwall Yesterday morning I miss'd the Coach; and was ill, and could ____________________ 1 Printed as ' Wordsworth' in Rem. 145. 2 Coleridge's reference to the assizes, which were held on 19 Aug. 1797, establishes the date of this letter, which in turn dates Letters 203 and 204. -340- not walk. This Morning the Coach was completely full: but I was not ill, and so did walk -- and here I am, foot-sore, very; and weary, somewhat. -- With regard to the business, I mentioned it at Howell's; but I perceive, he is absolutely powerless -- Chubb I would have called on -- but these are the assizes -- and I find, he is surrounded in his own house by a mob of visitors, whom it is scarcely possible for him to leave -- long enough at least for the conversation, I want with him. -- I will write him tomorrow morning -- & shall have an answer the same day -- which I will transmit to you on Monday, but you cannot receive it till Tuesday night -- if therefore you leave Swansea before that time, or in case of accident, before Wednesday Night -- leave directions with the Post Master to have your letter forwarded ---- I go for Stowey immediately 1 -which will make my walk 41 miles. The Howells desire to be remembered to you kindly -- I am sad at heart about you on many accounts; but chiefly anxious for this present business. -- The Aristocrats seem determined to persecute, even Wordsworth. 2 -- But we will at least not yield without a struggle -- and if I cannot get you near me, it shall not be for want of a tryal on my part. -- But perhaps, I am passing the worn-out spirits of a fag-walk, for [the r]eal aspect of the business. -- God love you & believe me | Affectionately Your friend S. T. Coleridge