196. To Thomas Poole Address: Mr T. Poole MS. British Museum. Pub. Ill. London News, 22 April 1893, p. 500. On 14 July 1797 the lease for Alfoxton (usually spelled Alfoxden), a house some three miles from Nether Stowey, was signed by Wordsworth, and he and Dorothy settled there the same day. (Cf. Early Letters, 170.) Coleridge was visiting there on the 17th. Thomas Poole, i.232-3. [Circa 17 July 1797] My dear Poole We have taken a fore quarter of Lamb from your Mother -which you will be so kind, according to your word, or (as the wit said to a minister of state) notwithstanding your promise, to send over to the Foxes [Alfoxden] to morrow morning by a boy -- I pray you, come over if possible by eleven o'clock that we may have Wordsworth's Tragedy read under the Trees -- S. T. Coleridge