193. To Joseph Cottle Address: Mr Cottle. MS. Edinburgh University Lib. Pub. E.L.G. i. 77. June 29 -- 1797 My very dear friend I unfortunately gave away the loose sheets, you sent me -- what shall I do? -- There are many errata -- C. Lamb will probably be ____________________ 1 Excursion, i. 880-916. -328- here in about a week -- Could you not contrive to put yourself in a Bridgewater Coach -- & T. Poole would fetch you in a one horse Chair to Stowey ---- What delight would it not give us. -- By all means omit that one line -- & if you like, the objectionable part in the first advertisement ---- I do not admit your reasoning against the latter part of the dedication -- the possible error or intemperance to which I alluded -- was -- All nations curse thee! &c &c ---- in the Ode 1 -- I returned from Wordsworth's last night -- God love you & eke your affectionate friend S. T. Coleridge. If Lamb is to come, I will write you when --