189. To Joseph Cottle Pub. Early Rec. i. 147. Cottle introduces this fragment thus: 'I then pressed him to dedicate his Poems to one of his relatives, his brother George, of whom he occasionally spoke with peculiar kindness.' Since the Dedication. To the Reverend George Coleridge, of Ottery St. Mary, Devon, was dated 26 May 1797, this note must have been written not long before. In one copy of the 1797 Poems Coleridge wrote: 'N.B. If this volume should ever be delivered according to its direction, i.e. to Posterity, let it be known that the Reverend George Coleridge was displeased and thought his character endangered by the Dedication. -- S. T. Coleridge.' Poems, i. 173 n. [Circa 15 May 1797] You, I am sure, will be glad to learn, that I shall follow your advice. ____________________ 1 'My brother, [Amos Cottle] when at Cambridge, had written a Latin poem for the prize: the subject, "Italia, Vastata", and sent it to Mr. Coleridge . . . in MS. requesting the favor of his remarks.' Rem. 136 n. 2 Cf. George Dyer, The Poet's Fate. A Poetical Dialogue, 1797. Pantisocracy and Coleridge are mentioned in the footnotes, pp. 26-27. 3 Referring, apparently, to the Brucker volumes, which were returned on 11 May. -324-