188. To Joseph Cottle Addirss: Mr Cottle | Bookseller. MS. Edinburgh University Lib. Pub. E.L.G. i. 75. Cottle makes two letters of this manuscript. Cf. Early Rec. i. 211 and 289. [ 10 May 1797] My dear dear Cottle Have patience -- & every thing shall be done. I think entirely of your Brother; 1 in two days, I will think entirely for you -- and by Wednesday next you shall have Lloyd's other poem, & all Lamb's -- besides &c -- I have written 1500 lines of my Tragedy -- T. Poole is in extacies with it -- he says, it has passion, well-conducted plot, stage-effect, & the spirit of poetic language without the technicalities. -- S. T. Coleridge I have not received the Poet's Fate. 2 Take the enclosed to the Library 3 -- I have sent a Curious Letter to G. Catcott. -- A dog, he has all together made me pay 5s for postage --